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Important Information About Installation & Returns

Proper installation is a key component to finding success with your Underwood Pickup. We have received a number of inquiries for returns that are due to improper installation technique. These are not considered covered under warranty, so please follow our instructions on the FAQ page for information. You are always welcome to contact us for additional help.


Many bass players are unaware of the amount of pressure the bridge can put onto the pickup when it is not frequently checked. The wooden bridge is subject to swelling and shrinking due to humidity and temperature changes. It is important to keep this in mind as you install the pickup and also it is imperative to check the fit regularly to see if the bridge is causing damage to the pickup due to these changes. Most players are transporting their instruments in and out of cars, buildings, etc., and there can be a wide variety of humidity and temperature changes in those moments of transport. The bridge on your bass will swell and shrink much more rapidly than one may think and it is with these changes that the pickup can become over compressed. 


Another frequent occurrence is the player forcing the pickup into the bridge erroneously, in order to keep it snug. When this happens, the chance of the pickup becoming damaged increases tremendously as the potential changes in the bridge due to above mentioned swelling will put additional pressure on the pickup. While we strive to build a reliable and solid pickup, we still need your help to ensure that it is installed properly. We cannot repair or replace pickups that have been improperly installed. 

Signs of over compression include narrowing of the brass cases, the inside components beginning to stick out, clicking or popping noises when playing, intermittent signal while playing.

Some users have told us that when they hear intermittent signal, their answer is to tighten the pickup in the bridge, which will temporarily make it "work" again, but eventually will break the transducers inside. Remember, the transducer, which is the heart of the pickup, is a crystalline structure and is subject to fracturing when there is too much pressure put onto it. The brass cases are not rigid, but manufactured to be flexible, yet this flexibility has a limit and over compression will squeeze them beyond their working ability. 


Please check your fit regularly. You can always modify your bridge to allow for enough space, as detailed in the instruction packet. Make sure to always work under full string pressure and to take your time. This is the most important piece of advice we can give for your investment. Finding a reputable luthier to do the installation may be preferred.


We guarantee our product within a reasonable range of time and when the pickup is used as we intend and is not modified in any way. Please contact us with any repair or installation questions you may have.

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